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Meta Performance institute

Elevate Your Executive Coaching Services

The Meta Performance™ Institute for Coaching offers world-class coaching certification programs designed to help you build a thriving practice or enhance your current practice. 

Through a mixture of cutting-edge online courses and in-person training taught by the top 10% of coaches in the world, this is the only entrepreneurial coaching program where you will build the skills necessary to create a sustainable coaching practice in real time.

What is Meta Performance™? It is the discipline of continually expanding what you view as “possible” – for your life, your practice, your organization, or your leadership. Coaching at the Meta Performance™ level amplifies your impact in the world. We’re dedicated to training extraordinary coaches who are up for the challenge. Our courses will equip your executive coaching services to gain the best foundation possible for pursuing coaching mastery.

Explore our programs and get ready to redefine what you—and the people you coach—are capable of.


Whether you are just starting out in the world of executive coaching, or are a well-established coach looking to take your executive coaching services to the next level, we offer customized training to create your ideal coaching practice. Our programs are crafted by expert practitioners from our elite executive coaching firm, Novus Global. Find out how they can powerfully serve your coaching practice by exploring the programs below.

New Coach Training

Assess whether an executive coaching career is right for you by exploring your appetite for Meta Performance™, your relationship with your vision and gaps, and your ability to radically commit to the values that drive our work.

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Experienced Coach Training

Crafted to help you refine existing skills, expand your vision, and grow your revenue, these programs invite you into new ways of powerfully serving clients and give you the opportunity to join the firm at Novus Global.

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Corporate Training

Transform your leadership teams by augmenting your deep organizational knowledge with our Meta Performance™ training. With executive leadership coach training, you will learn how to empower every level of your enterprise, inspire new norms for success, and drive powerful results.

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Online Courses

Designed to help you enrich your leadership, impact, and coaching ability in specific and measurable ways, our online courses offer state-of-the-art pedagogy for transformative learning. Choose your own adventure by exploring a wide variety of subjects for all skill levels.

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Choose a course module that best serves your needs.
You can take as many or few courses as you like. Not sure where to start?
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New Coaches AMP 101

— lessons $2,450

If you want to know what it means–and what it takes–to become a Meta Performance™ coach, this 2-month introductory module is where to start. Through five individualized sessions with a world-class coach, plus proprietary assessments and practical assignments, this course will:

  • Test your appetite for Meta Performance™.
  • Explore how you relate to your gaps and vision.
  • Spur your level of ownership and integrity At the end of this module, you will have clarity on your coaching vision and how long it will take to materialize.



Experienced Coaches AMP 201

— lessons $2,950

This 2-month module is for experienced coaches to gain exposure to the values, framework, and world of Meta Performance™. If you have aspirations of joining Novus Global, upgrading your skill set, and enhancing your current revenue, this is the course for you. Through six individualized sessions with a world-class coach, plus proprietary assessments and practical assignments, AMP 201 will.

  • Test your appetite for Meta Performance™.
  • Expand your vision and increase your results.
  • Offer real-time feedback on two of your own coaching sessions.



All Coaches Foundations

— lessons $22,800

This 5-month module is for new and aspiring coaches to develop the skills necessary to become a world-class, Meta Performance™ coach. You will learn specialized skills oriented toward growth and coaching mastery, including:

  • 9 Essential Skill Domains.
  • Meta Performance™ Coaching Loop.
  • Specialized principles of Meta Performance™.
  • Tools to build your practice.



All Coaches Accomplish More in Less Time

— lessons $985

This course is designed to serve experienced and aspiring coaches alike. You will learn how to get more done in less time, with more satisfaction; exploring topics like:

  • Ground Rules.
  • Commitments vs. Goals.
  • The Four Survival Needs.
  • Integrity.
  • At the end of this course, you will have upgraded your integrity and mindset to serve your vision more powerfully.



Success Stories

We measure success by how well our training helps you break through your self-perceived limitations. For a more personal angle, check out these success stories from other coaches who have completed their certification with the Meta Performance Institute.


We offer 4 unique Assessments to help you diagnose gaps in building your executive leadership coach business. The Meta Performance assessments are designed to help you determine your primary motivators, competency, and depth of your potential market. Whether you are new to executive coaching or are looking for effective ways to expand and improve your existing executive coaching services, our proprietary assessments provide valuable insight. They are free and take 7-10 minutes to complete.
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The Meta Performance™ Institute is powered by influential coaches out of Novus Global who have dedicated their lives to this work; helping people upgrade their thoughts, skills, and character to create meaningful impact in the world. The faculty at the Institute offers a depth of community rarely found elsewhere, all of whom are just as committed to being coached as they are to coaching others.

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