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Challenges of Coaching

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed three of the seven challenges of coaching. Once you have assessed your coaching potential, network viability, and awareness, you’re ready to move on to the next steps of growing a thriving business.

Explore some of the obstacles that may be getting in the way of your mindful leadership and coaching.

4. They Lack The Mindset

Coaches work with people to have a growth mindset, but many coaches do not work on cultivating that mindset for themselves. All of us struggle with a “faux” growth mindset — where we think we are working from the right place because of a false sense of security. This type of mindset develops when we’re only tracking growth in the places where we may be succeeding. 

We all need to explore growth even in areas that are challenges of coaching. Only then, can you truly enjoy comprehensive growth.

Anyone can fall into this trap, but executive coaches are especially prone to it. As we like to say at Meta Performance Institute, “Do not ever hire a coach who does not have a coach.” You have to create relational structures for you to check your attitude and minimize the faux growth pattern.

5. They Do Not Have Sustainable Habits

If you are struggling in your executive coaching practice, it is most likely because of actions you are not willing to take. And that lack of action is probably based on one of the challenges of coaching we discussed previously. It might be just one or it may be a combination of all of them. Even after identifying the problem, it’s not enough to just take action, or even massive action, you have to make the right actions a habit. 

We believe that practice does not “make perfect” — it makes permanent. Everyone is practicing something, and most people have their 10,000 hours in avoidance, procrastination, and inconsistency. Dedicate your 10,000 hours to something that can actually help you develop mindful leadership and coaching instead of something that creates habits that will not build your life or your business.

6. They Do Not Have Good Luck (Yet)

While hard work is a factor, a little bit of luck can go a long way. The more extreme your success, the more luck was involved. But luck favors the prepared. You want to create situations that allow you to prepare for what comes next.

Understanding how randomness and luck play into overcoming the challenges of coaching can help you identify a lucky break (and be ready for it) when it comes your way. It also ensures you stay humble when you achieve success. Utilizing luck is not about working any less but about knowing when to take advantage of the opportunities and situations that you see around you. 

Successful Coaching with MPI

Meta Performance Institute has an intimate understanding of the challenges of coaching — we have overcome them ourselves! Examine and assess the shortcomings in your practice to begin building a stronger business. As you finish exploring these obstacles to success, don’t forget the last barrier we’ll reveal in Part 3 of this series.