Obstacles to Achieving Success

At the Meta Performance Institute, we use a framework to help coaches assess what’s getting in the way of creating their ideal practice. It always comes down to one (or more) of seven main obstacles. Learn more about the first three of the seven barriers to coaching and the obstacles that may be stopping you from achieving success.

1. They Do Not Have the Chops

Some executive coaches just aren’t as good as they think they are. Their lack of success doesn’t stem from what they do or do not know. Coaches who don’t have the chops think they get hired because of what they know: their training, knowledge and certifications.

But that’s not true.

What sets apart a great coach who does have the chops from a coach who only thinks they do?

A truly great executive coach knows and acknowledges what they do not know.

Once a coach realizes what they do not know, one of the obstacles to achieving success has been removed. Now, they can allow their curiosity to lead the way, expanding their horizons and learning from everything around them. 

As an executive coach, it’s important to stop trying to be the expert. Instead, be an explorer. You will be much more valuable as a coach because your knowledge is no longer finite. Imagine how much more you’ll have to learn and share with your clients. Get excited by what is on the next summit, around the next corner, and over the next horizon!

2. They Lack the Network

The second of the seven barriers to coaching is the lack of network. Do you only hang out with other coaches? Are you only building networks with people who will never actually hire you? Overcome this obstacle to achieving success when you target people who are looking for someone like you. Someone is looking for someone like you.

So, how many people do you know who are looking for an executive coach? How many people do you know who are looking for a coach that does what you do at the rate you charge? The less sure you are of the answers to such questions, the harder it’ll be to grow your business. You have to enhance your network to include the kinds of people who would love to invest in themselves and get results that are worth paying what you charge.

3. They Do Not Have a Brand

In many ways, it does not matter how good you are if people do not know that you are good. The challenge with coaching is that it’s private. People don’t post pictures with their coach to show off their experience like they might at a restaurant or on vacation. In many cases, they want to keep their executive coaching behind the scenes. 

It is up to you to overcome this obstacle to achieving success by developing your elevator pitch to help clarify your brand and share it with prospective clients. Write up case studies of your previous clients (perhaps anonymously) and chase down meetings, instead of waiting for word of mouth to bring you new clients.

Start Breaking Down Barriers

These three obstacles to achieving success are just the beginning of what it may take to change your practice. 

Start here to break down the barriers that are stopping you from creating a thriving business before moving on to Part 2 and Part 3 of the What’s Standing in Your Way? blog series.

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