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The number one differentiator from other leadership coaching programs is that you build a world-class coaching practice in real time with all the administrative and development support to ensure it is sustainable and oriented toward growth.

Learn the unique framework of inquiry-based, ontological coaching with which our coaches serve Fortune 500 executives, award-winning artists and entertainers, professional athletes, global nonprofits, and multibillion dollar industries helping them go beyond high performance. We are dedicated to training extraordinary coaches who are up for the challenge.

Your investment is not simply for content, but for context. You are the content. Your coaching practice is the context.

The Benefits Of Our Program For New Coaches

In addition to gaining valuable skills and knowledge needed to become an executive coach and build your ideal coaching practice, our leadership coaching program offers the following benefits:

Program graduates have an opportunity to join our sister company, Novus Global.

Establish a solid educational foundation in meta performance coaching.

Connect to a network of meta performance coaching professionals.

Courses For New Or Aspiring Coaches

The Meta Performance™ Institute offers three entry points to your journey of becoming a meta performance coach.  If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend registering for AMP 101, where you’ll experience meta performance coaching firsthand from our world-renowned faculty, exploring your appetite and aptitude to deliver results and build a thriving practice.

New Coaches AMP 101

— lessons $2,450

If you want to know what it takes to become a Meta Performance™ coach, this 2-month introductory module is where to start. This course will:

  • Test your appetite for Meta Performance™.
  • Explore how you relate to your gaps and vision.
  • Spur your level of ownership and integrity.
  • Give you clarity on your coaching vision and how long it will take to materialize.



All Coaches Foundations

— lessons $22,800

This 5-month module is for new and aspiring coaches to develop the skills necessary to become a world-class, Meta Performance™ coach. You will learn specialized skills oriented toward growth and coaching mastery, including:

  • 9 Essential Skill Domains.
  • Meta Performance™ Coaching Loop.
  • Specialized principles of Meta Performance™.
  • Tools to build your practice.



All Coaches Accomplish More in Less Time

— lessons $985

Accomplish More in Less Time | This course is designed to serve experienced and aspiring coaches alike. You will learn how to get more done in less time, with more satisfaction; exploring topics like:

  • Ground Rules.
  • Commitments vs. Goals.
  • The Four Survival Needs.
  • Integrity.
  • At the end of this course, you will have upgraded your integrity and mindset to serve your vision more powerfully.



Not sure where to start? 

Take our free assessment to determine if you are a good fit for leadership coaching training. After completion, we will follow up with more information and advice on where to start.

Is The Meta Performance Leadership Coaching Program Right For You?

If you’re searching for new ways to upgrade your skills, character, and thoughts as an executive coach, the Meta Performance Process™ is for you! With our training for new coaches, we’ll show you how to help your clients make powerful commitments and exponentially move their lives forward. Reach out to our team of experts to learn more about our training modules and what courses may best serve your goals as an executive coach.

Increase your reach, generate more revenue, and watch your executive coaching clients experience exponential growth. Ready to get started? Sign up today.