What Sets Our Experienced Coach Training Apart?

At the Meta Performance Institute, we deliver executive coaching courses for professionals with deep character, a desire to explore their potential, and a strong ability to help others improve their lives.

Our elite coaches at Novus Global are the top 10% of executive coaches in the world. 

What sets them apart? The same coaching framework you’ll have access to in our Meta Performance™ curriculum. 

Our inquiry-based, ontological coaching framework is a conduit for deep transformation, and is structured into both modules below.

Benefits Of The Institute’s Experienced Executive Coach Training

In addition to developing advanced-level skills of world-class coaches, our executive coaching courses offer the following benefits:

Graduates of AMP 101 have an opportunity to join the firm at Novus Global.

The AMP 101 course fee is fully refunded if you join Novus Global.

Expand the entrepreneurial skills needed to take your practice to the next level.

Develop expertise in Meta Performance™ techniques.

Network with like-minded Meta Performance™ coaching professionals.

Increase your earning potential and watch your revenue increase within a year.

Explore Our Courses

The Meta Performance Institute offers two distinct executive coaching tracks to help experienced coaching professionals explore everything they are capable of, with carefully curated pathways designed to inspire radical ownership and commitment to be the best.

Experienced Coaches AMP 201

— lessons $2,950

This 2-month module is for experienced coaches to gain exposure to the values, framework, and world of Meta Performance™. If you have aspirations of upgrading your skill set current revenue, this is the course for you. Through six individualized coaching sessions, AMP 201 will:

  • Test your appetite for Meta Performance™.
  • Expand your vision and increase your results.
  • Offer real-time feedback on two of your own coaching sessions.



All Coaches Foundations

— lessons $22,800

This 5-month module is for experienced coaches to develop the skills necessary to become a world-class, Meta Performance™ coach. You will learn specialized skills oriented toward growth and coaching mastery, including:

  • 9 Essential Skill Domains.
  • Meta Performance™ Coaching Loop.
  • Specialized principles of Meta Performance™.
  • Tools to build your practice.



Experienced Coaches Accelerator

— lessons $4,200

A 3-month practicum building on the skills and insights acquired in Foundations or other coaching certification program.  The focus of this program is to build a thriving coaching practice by growing in each of the 9 Essential Skill Domains.  Coaching is primary, but participants will also engage in webinars, strategy calls, and peer coaching.  For coaches who resonate with Novus Global’s culture and are interested in becoming a Novus Global coach, this is one pathway to joining the firm.



Getting Started with MPI & Novus Global 

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Are Executive Coaching Courses From The Meta Performance Institute Right For You?

If you are a dedicated professional seeking insightful and impactful ways to improve your skills, character, and thoughts, the Meta Performance Process™ can help. Through our program for experienced coaches, we work together to change your business and your mindset so that you won’t settle for just ‘the best’ anymore.

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