Beyond High Performance podcast by Novus Global

Listen to Podcasts on Leadership Skills, Coaching, and Pursuing Mastery

At the Meta Performance Institute, we are dedicated to helping you surpass your potential for performance in any environment through our philosophy, process, and certification programs. 

In addition to all the tools we provide to help you find success, we also created a podcast series to supplement your education and keep you up to date on the latest coaching techniques.

Explore our weekly podcasts on leadership, coaching, and mastery to hear intentional and thought-provoking conversations about the life-altering power that executive coaching holds.

The People Behind the Podcasts

Our Beyond High-Performance Podcast is brought to you by The Meta Performance Institute, as well as the coaches and friends of Novus Global. Our leadership team formulated a trajectory for podcasts on leadership that provides meaningful insight into making coaching work in any arena. As we innovate new methods, our podcast episodes will also evolve in time to stay on the cutting-edge of executive coaching and explore the dynamic connection between executive coaches and their clients.

A Podcast About Leadership in Three Parts

In order to adequately share the breadth and depth of the firm’s insights, we developed a podcast that consists of three unique shows.

  • The Meta Performance Show offers you an unflinching look into the innermost thoughts of top industry leaders as we interview them about their path to success.
  • Follow this series with our podcast titled, On Coaching, which pulls back the curtain on the intricacies of life as an elite Novus Global Coach. We look behind the scenes at what it takes to be part of our community
  • Finally, check out Your Finest Hour, a podcast about leadership that discusses the unique dynamics between a coach and their client. Both client and coach come on the show to unpack their coaching experience together.

We crafted our podcast series to help you grow as an executive coach, thought leader, and human being. Our goal is to inspire you to go above and beyond your current performance levels and achieve what you’re truly capable of doing.

We upload new podcasts on leadership skills, coaching, and mastery every Tuesday. Find them on the Apple store or listen right here.