Effective Leadership
Development Training

There are a lot of ways to measure success, and here is one:

95% of the coaches who have been through our process doubled

their revenue within their first year.

Our process is more than just a revolutionary leadership development training program. It is more than just a new way of working, thinking, networking, or doing business; our work invites you into a new way of being. This is the key to mastering executive coaching. This type of transformation can affect every facet of your life: from your cash flow statement to the richness of your relationships, to the type of legacy you want to create. 

Here’s the Breakdown

The Meta Performance™ Institute’s programs are designed for you to overcome the obstacles and pitfalls that keep 90% of coaches from creating life-altering, lucrative practices. Our executive coaching courses offer actionable insights you can use to grow as a coach. If you just utilized one of the following tools to help you build your ideal practice, you would see results. Our process invites you to master all of them:

  • How to create a steady stream of clientele through our Orbit Selling Process
  • An emphasis on experiential training
  • Cutting-edge tools and training techniques
  • Insights on how to steadily and consistently establish the rates you desire
  • Access to efficient tools to measure the health and growth of your practice
  • Guidance on gaining confidence to coach any client toward exponential growth

Hands-On Training

Our leadership development training program is experiential. Just watching a training video is not enough! In your development as a successful executive coach, experiential training that exposes you to real-world scenarios is paramount.

Professional Experience

Mastering executive coaching means learning from the best. Our cutting-edge strategies are drawn from the success of Novus Global coaches serving Fortune 500 executives, award-winning artists and entertainers, professional athletes, and global nonprofits.

Increase Your Revenue

Over 80% of the Meta Performance Institute’s graduates from the leadership development training program generate a return on their investment within 90 days of graduating! The Meta Performance process directly led to 95% of the coaches who joined the industry double their previous revenue within one year.

Learn How World-Class Support Works

There’s so much more to executive coaching than just serving your clients. Our process introduces you to the administrative and back-office support you need to keep everything running smoothly, and teaches you tools for contracting, invoicing, billing, scheduling, and metrics evaluation.

Increase your reach, generate more revenue, and watch your executive coaching clients experience exponential growth. Ready to get started? Sign up today.

Is the Meta Performance Process Right for You?

If you are interested in testing boundaries and upgrading your skills, character, and thoughts, the Meta Performance™ process is for you.

It is time to transform your executive coaching practice with support from the experts. Learn how to be a transformational coach and  upgrade the quality of your services.

This work might NOT be for you if …

  • You are more committed to comfort than growth.
  • You are not interested in exploring what you are capable of.
  • You blame your problems on external circumstances.
  • You refuse to be wrong about things you are certain about.
  • You don’t do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.
  • You just want to tell people (your clients) what to do.
  • The idea of creating a life of passion and deep fulfillment doesn’t thrill you.