At The Meta Performance™ Institute, our executive coaching certification offers a wide variety of options for new coaches, experienced coaches, and everyone in-between. Each program is powered by the same foundational values and framework that continues to catapult our individual and collective influence. We have intentionally designed the options to meet diverse and multifaceted needs from top to bottom. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

We know that in order to serve you powerfully, we must serve you personally, which is why we offer modules tailor-made for your needs. Through a mixture of cutting-edge assessments, online courses, and in-person training with the top 10% of coaches in the world, this certification is metamorphic in more ways than one.

What to Expect

Expect calluses from the radically hands-on approach of our programs. Our certification guides you through our proprietary framework of inquiry-based, ontological coaching that drives the success of our executive coaches at Novus Global.

The courses invite you to do more than sit in the insights, but to actually test them in the field and put them into action as you grow your practice in real time.

Course Modules

Our executive coaching certification program is broken down into modules. Some of the modules are oriented around specific skills, while other modules are more general, offering you a chance to learn multiple skills simultaneously. Explore our offerings below in our leadership and coaching certification programs.

New Coaches AMP 101

— lessons $2,450
A man watching the sunrising

If you want to know what it means–and what it takes–to become a Meta Performance™ coach, this 2-month introductory module is where to start. This course will:

  • Test your appetite for Meta Performance™.
  • Explore how you relate to your gaps and vision.
  • Spur your level of ownership and integrity.
  • Give you clarity on your coaching vision and how long it will take to materialize.



Experienced Coaches AMP 201

— lessons $2,950
AMP image

If you have aspirations of upgrading your skill set and enhancing your current revenue, this 2-month course is for you. Through individualized sessions with a world-class coach, proprietary assessments and practical assignments, AMP 201 will:

  • Test your appetite for Meta Performance™.
  • Expand your vision and increase your results.
  • Offer real-time feedback on two of your own coaching sessions.



All Coaches Foundations

— lessons $19,400
Beautiful Sky

This 5-month module is for new or aspiring coaches to develop the skills necessary to become a world-class, Meta Performance™ coach. You will learn specialized skills oriented toward growth and coaching mastery, including:

  • 9 Essential Skill Domains
  • The Meta Performance Coaching Loop.
  • Specialized Meta Performance™ principles.
  • Tools to build your practice.



Experienced Coaches Accelerator

— lessons $4,200

A 3-month practicum building on the skills and insights acquired in Foundations or other coaching certification program. The focus of this program is to build a thriving coaching practice by growing in each of the 9 Essential Skill Domains. Coaching is primary, but participants will also engage in webinars, strategy calls, and peer coaching. For coaches who resonate with Novus Global’s culture and are interested in becoming a Novus Global coach, this is one pathway to joining the firm.  


We also offer several three-month courses, including:

  • Selling Through Serving – Exploring Sales
  • Authority Accelerator – Grow Your Authority
  • Accessibility Accelerator – Develop a Network
  • Training Accelerator – The Art of Coaching Crowds
  • Group Coaching – Coaching Small Groups (2-4 People)

Which course modules are you interested in?

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Customize Your Meta Performance ™ Experience

Our leadership and coaching certification courses allow you to create a custom program that focuses on your specific goals.

We will continue to add courses, but please let us know if there are skills and topics you would like to see included in our executive coaching certification programs.

If you don’t see a topic or skill listed that you’d like to see offered, reach out to us at Info@mp.institute to suggest new training modules today!