Jason Jaggard - CEO of Meta Performance Institute
Jason Jaggard
CEO, Founder of the Meta Performance Institute

With a vision for radical change in the lives of others, Jason Jaggard founded and currently serves as the CEO of both Novus Global and the Meta Performance Institute. Novus Global is a tribe of elite executive coaches across the world who work with professional athletes, award-winning artists, and business leaders of Fortune 500 companies with a vision to create lives, teams, and communities that go beyond high performance.

Tricia Harding - Chief Operating Officer of Meta Performance Institute
Tricia Harding
Chief Operating Officer

As a serial entrepreneur passionate about serving individuals and transforming cultures, Tricia has led the formation and expansion of four separate successful organizations in education, e-commerce, non-profit, and real estate. Tricia joined the Novus Global team in 2018 and is committed to training, developing, and building a team of coaches whose clients individually and collectively enhance lives, shape culture, and transform communities.

Janet Wood - Director of the Meta Performance Institute
Janet Wood
Director of The Meta Performance™ Institute

Janet Wood is the Director of The Meta Performance™ Institute for Coaching at Novus Global. Janet’s drive for mastery has drawn in Fortune 500 executives, founders and creatives, and it’s her ability to disrupt assumptions that keeps them coming back. She has helped courageous clients cast and fulfill their visions – from unthinkable revenue projections to titanic culture shifts.

Dan Leffelaar - Faculty team member
Dan Leffelaar
Faculty team member

Currently based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dan Leffelaar is a Senior Partner at Novus Global and serves as the Director of Novus Global Sport, a division that works with the world’s best athletes and teams. Dan has radically changed the way that world-class athletes and teams think about their sport and their performance through a combination of the knowledge he learned from his Health Sciences degree from the University of Calgary, his charismatic way of being, and his coaching knowledge through Novus Global.

Amara Ononiwu - Facutly team member
Amara Ononiwu
Faculty team member

Amara Ononiwu’s vision has been to create a community and a connection within a generation of new, innovative, and fruitful ideas that explore and influence human experiences. As Novus Global’s primary resource and support for their trainings, Amara continues to invite others daily to serve the world powerfully. She is also a member of the Meta Performance Institute faculty and continuously integrates her knowledge and experience through her Undergraduate in Organizational Psychology, Master’s in Organizational Behavior/Consulting, and doctorate of education in Organizational Leadership in her curriculum.

Jon Roberts - Faculty team member
Jon Roberts
Faculty team member

Jon Roberts is an Executive Coach as well as the Director of Development for Novus Global. He uses the art of inquiry-based coaching to explore what an individual is truly capable of in life and career. Using the tools of vision, mindset, and strategy, he creates a unique space for high-performers to discover how they might be getting in their own way, and how to leverage that knowledge on the path to meta-performance and unprecedented results. As the Director of Development, Jon leads the firm’s efforts in developing world class coaches serving companies all over the world.

Chris North - Faculty team member
Chris North
Faculty team member

Chris North is an executive coach at Novus Global who trains exceptional people to achieve unprecedented results. Previously a VMA-winning producer, he started coaching because he is deeply passionate about creating positive impact in the world. In that pursuit, he has coached everyone from billion-dollar executives to Hollywood stars. Recently Chris has partnered with others in production company Two Bridges that will be producing its first feature film later this year.

Amanda Jaggard - Co-founder and faculty team member
Amanda Jaggard
Co-founder of the Meta Performance Institute and Faculty team member.

Amanda Jaggard is an executive coach and partner with Novus Global. As one of the first coaches to join the firm, she has had a significant role in building and shaping the Novus Global culture. She is a co-founder of the Meta Performance™ Institute, directing the program for the first two years – training and developing coaches in their coaching ability as well as in building a thriving practice. She is one of Novus Global’s top corporate trainers and is a primary lead in our Meta Performance Management Trainings, training leaders and executives in organizations in the coaching work. In addition to her leadership in the firm, she also has a full coaching practice with some of the top leaders in technology, entertainment, development, and non-profits. Amanda is passionate about helping people live transformed and empowered lives, as she has experienced the power of coaching in her own life. She lives in L.A. with her two teenage sons.

David Gerber - Faculty Team Member of Meta Performance Institute
David Gerber
Faculty team member

David Gerber is a TedX speaker, coach, and partner with Novus Global, an executive coaching firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and high-profile business leaders to develop lives, transform teams, and elevate companies to go beyond high performance. With over a decade of leadership development experience, David is passionate about helping people come alive and creating extraordinary results.

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