DENSO International America

DENSO International America, Inc. (DIAM), located in Southfield, Michigan, is DENSO’s North American regional headquarters and parent company for its North American operations, including design and production engineering, technical support, sales and finance.

  • $10.1 Billion Annual Revenue
  • 1,491 Number of Employees
  • 3 years MPI Client for

Client Challenge

DENSO’s North American Engineering Team was looking for ways to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve the bottom line. They were facing new challenges and were focused on finding new methods for achieving them.

Coaching Solution

After speaking with DENSO’s executive leadership and members of the engineering team, a Meta Performance Institute trained coach designed a 2-day intensive training introducing the team to the idea of Meta Performance™. The two days were followed by 7 months of group coaching. The DENSO engineering team met in groups of 3 for 60- minute coaching sessions with a Meta Performance Institute coach.

The key focus areas of the training and coaching throughout the process were on:

  • Ownership
  • Commitment
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Growth


DENSO consistently reported the following mindset shift, during and after this coaching block on: bold request, full integrity, excitement and trust.

Importantly they reported measurable results that shifted the company’s performance as a whole:

  • $63 Million in product cost savings
  • 25% increase in engineering efficiency
  • 100% of participants indicated that this was the “Best training I’ve had in my whole career!”
"We hired a Meta Performance coach to allow us to enable our teams to think big and find new solutions to reduce our structural costs by 30%. We exceeded our target ahead of schedule, and are continually seeking never been done before opportunities. Our CEO has hired a Meta Performance coach for second engagement extending across all North American leaders." Bill Foy – Senior Vice President of Engineering