Your work requires you to discover ways to help improve yourself, so that you can help others achieve what once seemed impossible. The Meta Performance Institute offers solutions for enhancing your executive coaching with training and certification programs that help you go beyond high performance.

We support your success through a number of free resources that complement your training sessions. In addition to free assessments, case studies, and podcast episodes, we offer a blog designed to inspire and empower you to move forward with your transformation in mind. Browse our various topics to learn more about creating a successful executive coaching practice, pushing past obstacles, and taking ownership of your vision.

What’s Standing In Your Way? | Part 2

Challenges of Coaching In Part 1 of this series, we discussed three of the seven challenges of coaching. Once you have assessed your coaching potential, network viability, and awareness, you’re…

What’s Standing in Your Way? | Part 1

Obstacles to Achieving Success At the Meta Performance Institute, we use a framework to help coaches assess what’s getting in the way of creating their ideal practice. It always comes…

Keep Learning as an Executive Coach

Pursuing mastery as an executive coach is about finding new ways to serve your clients, helping them identify their own limiting beliefs and motivations in order to catapult them towards meta performance™. At Novus Global and the Meta Performance Institute, our leadership offers unique insights to help you find answers. Whether you’re studying ways to facilitate resourceful complaints and expand intuitive fences or learning how to cultivate advocacy and manage your energy, our blog can guide you towards the answers you seek.

It is tough to continually reinvent yourself alone. Having guidance, support, and an influx of ideas and conversation is critical. Let our blog be what you need to expand your curiosity and explore what you are capable of.