Why Assess Yourself?

Understanding your underlying motivations is essential as you embark on executive coach training. What motivates you? What drives you? In any given moment, why do you choose what you choose? And how can you design your life around the things that motivate you most?

Answering such discerning questions about your own character can be difficult, so The Meta Performance Institute has created free assessments to help guide you. Our 5iVE motivation assessment for executive business coaching is the first in a series of four. Learn more about what drives you in order to better understand your behavior.

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Step 1 of 17 – Currently I mostly complain about


This assessment is designed to begin a dialogue on what are the primary motivators in your life in this season.

What to Expect in the Assessment

Our motivation assessment consists of a series of questions designed to help you deeply explore your drives. Answer these insightful questions as honestly as you can to learn more about yourself. 

The 5i Assessment is designed to help you identify what is currently motivating you and to examine if that motivation is taking you where you want to go.

After completing the assessment, we will provide you with scoring that explores your Integrity, Impact, Income, Intimacy, and Independence.

Understanding Yourself to Help Others

You cannot achieve success in the executive coaching business without truly understanding yourself and your motivations. How can you help others exceed their potential if you do not understand yours? Self-exploration is the first step in the process towards more powerful and effective coaching. Take a leap into the most important aspect of executive coaching when you evaluate yourself through our free  assessments.

The Meta Performance Institute is here to help you thrive. Are you ready to begin training with the best? Take our motivation assessment and explore our additional resources.