What Does the Authority Assessment Reveal?

Your authority is what dictates whether or not clients feel they can trust your knowledge and experience. Your authority potential dictates how clients and peers perceive your expertise as authentic, useful, and effective. Asking yourself tough questions about how others see you also lends deeper insight into your first impression, your everyday presence, and your conduct in public spaces.

The authority assessment is essentially a leadership potential assessment, which helps you discover whether you can effectively create and manage a space that helps others find success. Are you ready to find out if you are truly empowering your clients to achieve and exceed their potential? 

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This assessment is designed to give you a simplified snapshot of how you and others perceive your credibility, believability, and skillset.

About Our Authority Assessment

We developed this leadership assessment to guide you through your executive coaching and leadership development training. You will learn actionable ways to present yourself that resonates with your ideal client, working with relevance to build your authority.

This assessment also has a secondary purpose of determining your prospects within The Meta Performance Institute community.

How to Appeal to Your Ideal Clients

Authority is an integral part of executive coaching and leadership development. You want to be the first person that everyone considers when there is a tough problem to solve. Is your online presence on social media and elsewhere compelling? What would your 100 closest connections say about your character and potential for your clients? Do you present yourself in a way that attracts and appeals to your potential clients’ goals?

Establishing authority in your role as an executive coach is a road that leads to serving your clients on a higher level. Our leadership assessment metrics are designed to help you gauge your current authority level.

Why Your Perceived Authority Matters

Let us lead the way towards a greater understanding of yourself and your coaching methods.  Answer each question as honestly as possible so that you can discern the quality of your existing authority and discover areas for improvement. 

Without true self-awareness, it is nearly impossible to grow in your authority. We can help you get there.