How Your Network AFfects Your Professional Executive Coaching

Part of the success of our Novus professionals is their accessibility. Their professional and personal networks are made up of their ideal clients, and their communities align with the vision for their coaching practice. Do you know how connected you are to the people you wish to serve? How aware are you of your professional network? You might be surprised at the answers our free assessment provides.

Take the Accessibility assessment to learn more about the strength of your professional network and discover which tools from The Meta Performance Institute™ can help you enhance your connections as needed.

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This assessment is designed to give you a snapshot of the quality of your connections with your ideal clients, both in your professional and personal networks.

The Assessment Format

Part of developing a good assessment means asking the right questions. As someone exploring executive coaching or if you’re already practicing professional executive coaching, you might already know a little bit about the power of questions as part of creating an environment for success. 

At The Meta Performance Institute, our assessments are developed by the Novus Professional Leadership Team to guide you along the path to success. 

Answer each question with an open heart and mind to receive a true assessment of your network and connection with others.

Tap Into Success Through Networking

Networking is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Growing your network to include an extensive web of professionals that trust you will bring you a steady flow of clients..

How much time are you actually spending with your ideal clients or those who might connect you with them? Learn what accessibility is and how to leverage it to grow your ideal coaching practice, so that you can serve that network powerfully. If you create space for your clients to thrive through dynamic resources like videos, blogs, or articles, you can design effective methods for attracting your ideal clients.

At The Meta Performance Institute, we believe that the more you can learn about yourself, the more you can help your clients thrive. Explore all of our assessments today to get a full picture of your business.