What Is the Ability Assessment?

Whether you are just starting a coaching practice or you are looking to strengthen your existing executive coaching career, our Ability assessment is critical to growing your business and enhancing your potential. You will receive feedback on what you can expect from your current trajectory, as well as suggestions on how to improve the probability of your success with educational resources, tools, and certifications in our arsenal.

Everyone wants to know if their attempts to achieve their dreams will be successful. Our assessment will help you answer questions related to your own success and how our process and executive coaching methodology can help.

Assess your ability to rock your ideal client’s world for the long term, whether it is an intake call that makes someone want to change their life or developing a multi-client business that helps them create and expand over long periods of time.

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This assessment is designed to give you a simplified snapshot of your coaching aptitude based on your experience, exposure and expression.

What Does This Assessment Entail?

This assessment tests your ability to serve clients powerfully, generate income from coaching, and communicate in ways that help coaching vision become a reality. Achieve new levels of self-awareness while discovering how our Meta Performance™ techniques can help you reach greater success in your executive coaching career.

This type of executive coaching methodology builds a solid foundation from which you can integrate our training and certification for greater effect.

Achieving Your Dreams

Your success in starting a coaching practice all depends on you.

Your drive, passion, and perseverance are integral to dictating your victories in an executive coaching career.

While our Ability assessment can expose you to one aspect of your personality and vision, all of our free assessments work together to give you a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Take the assessment now and explore all of our additional resources today.