Meta performance assessments

Are you curious about starting or strengthening your executive coaching career? Get started with our free coaching assessments below to better understand what motivates you, what abilities will serve you and your clients, whether your professional network can serve you, and whether you are perceived as an authority prepared to serve any client powerfully.

Upon completion of each assessment, you will be able to read your results online. In order to get started, you will need to provide your contact information. The Meta Performance Institute uses executive coaching assessments to determine where you will enter our certification process.

The Assessments

Learn how The Meta Performance Institute can help you thrive in your executive coaching practice. Our assessments are free and take 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

5i Assessment

What are your primary motivators in your career and in your life? How do these motivations drive your behavior, and even interact with each other? The Meta Performance™ Institute’s 5i Coaching Assessment tool helps us assess what drives your passion as an executive coach and sets the foundation of your work during our training programs.

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Green Sky


This coaching assessment is designed to give you feedback on the probability of your success in the executive coaching field. It will give you a better idea of how our training could empower you and the likelihood of achieving your executive coaching goals once armed with all the Meta Performance™ techniques.

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What does your professional network look like? How connected are you to the people you wish to serve? This executive coaching assessment helps determine the quality of your connection to the clients you desire to serve, how to tap into your professional network, and the strength of your connections.

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How are you perceived by your peers and your clients? Can you effectively hold space for others to find success and for empowering clients to achieve Meta Performance™? This coaching assessment tool determines your potential and capability for serving your clients powerfully and your perceived authority as an executive coach.

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